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Session 310 (Group/Dinner & A Dead Gal)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Participants: Joanne (Tyl), Paul (Caroll), Caryn, George, Tom, Nardine (Daisy), Mary (Geordan), and Rumi the cat.

(Rose Arrives: 4:35 PM.)

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PAUL: And Tom brought lovely roses, once again.

NARDINE: Bless you Tom.

MARY: Yeah.

ROSE: They are truly magnificent, indeed. Dear Tom is the gardener in the group, (Humorously) but there are many gardeners, aren’t there, dear ones? (Mary laughs)

NARDINE: Yeah Tom! (Laughs with Mary)

ROSE: (Humorously) Indeed, planting all kinds of things in your gardens, aren’t you?

MARY: (Laughing deeply) Sorry! (Continued laughter)

ROSE: There’s a small joke going on between these two (Mary and Nardine) and the dear ones, Peter and Marcos, who have wonderful provisions of happy wanders (Mary and Nardine still laughing) in their French focuses together in the gardens of Versailles.

So do continue to allow the ontologically suspicious ways you have of getting the information – we mean sometimes there’s more than one way to allow the facts to come through – you can use the intuitions to allow your understanding better, sometimes, than you do if you allow the historical text to intrude.

Do take on the Versailles connection, though, because you’ll discover you’ll get more to the information when you connect in your ways of loving now, even. So do allow the provisions to occur. Also, do teall[1] the wonderful men in your lives how very happy we are to help them now, also, get the groove on in your gardens, indeed, dear ones. (Chuckles and laughter by all)

MARY: Thank you!

NARDINE: Thank you! (More chuckles by all)

ROSE: There’s a geanius[2] story about a gardener, however dirty he is, he always very… (Jo chuckles) very “vulva-ly” (Nardine chuckles) finds excitement in his digging. Indeed, we are being very naughty ghosts this evening. (Mary chuckles) So do continue to allow your beautiful sexual – as well as sensual – transmissions in spirit, dear ones. There’s reason to fear only what you don’t know about sex, then allow the understanding of what you do know to beautifully allow yourselves to grow in very spirited ways, indeed.

So do continue to allow your laughter this evening. We want to stress this will be a very open session in regard to topics. We’d like you to take on every topic you may find – even the most vulgar, indeed – for these are the ways you get into the wonderful lives you have. By allowing yourselves to allow yourselves even the “wrong” thoughts to occur, you heal, as well as help others, in ways you can’t possibly imagine. We do want to stress, though, that we won’t allow the “X” rating to occur, even Rose has her ways of bleeping things out, so don’t wrong on yourselves if the bad words come through, indeed, dear ones.

So do continue to allow your laughter, then allow also your best expressions of dirty deeds done dirt cheap, indeed!

GEORGE: Can I go home and just [inaudible]. (Castaic group chuckles)

ROSE: Yes!

MARY: Have you been living in my head? (Group laughter)

ROSE: Indeed! (Humorously) Exactly, we have been. (More group laughter) Indeed, dear ones, pornography is a very, indeed, geanius thing you’ve invented to allow your weaning of your fears about sex, about your sexuality. There’s reason to allow trodding on the wonderful sexual deeds you have in mind when you get the habits you do of fear. There are some pornographic ways that are more healthy than others, of course, but to say there’s reason to have pornography bare its soul is a very good thing. Pornography is sometimes the best thing you might engage, indeed.

There’s also reasons to fear not when you encounter nudity as well as sexual acts. You have been told these are wrong. They are not in themselves wrong. Sometimes there are pathological – sometimes unhealthy – versions of these acts, but all in all, pornography is a very geanius way of allowing yourselves the benefit of senxual[3] actions without involving others. We want you to involve others when possible, as well as necessary, but there’s not any reason to fear pornography on its own.

It is a gift of humans to humans. In this, they can also be Herself; meaning goddess-love, in every way, is in pornography. We are making a sort of bias towards feminine goddess ways, but there are reasons to fear only when you don’t get sex. These are ways of frustration – ways of too much inhumane, somewhat feminine-lacking ways – that you’ll do well to encounter in the spiritual necessity of senxuality. We’re saying that senxuality is the way of spirit, we’ve said this already, but to take this a few more steps into the sexual direction, we’ll also say that sometimes you have to have sex in order to feal[4] us!

You need to acquaint yourselves with your bodies in order to fear less, sometimes, also. So do tear down your walls of fear, by allowing yourselves the full expression of your sexuality, as well as sexual frustrations. For in your frustrations, sometimes you’ll understand these are only ways of getting your attention about what you’re lacking in your daily routine – we mean daily routine also, dear ones. You can extrapolate what we mean by that, indeed.

So do cantor instead of walk, for you can step things up (Humorously) in your sexual lives in ways that you will find truly fulfilling. Okay?

So do allow your beautiful questions this evening about sexuality, as well as any topic you’d like to take on that is taboo, in some ways. We want to express these are allowing things that are very helpful for you in your understanding of our ways in spirit, as well as fascinating things to take on in your New Year, dear ones. Why not try to make a sort of resolution about having more sex in your days, indeed, next year?

MARY: Here, here! (Paul chuckles)

ROSE: So do you have any other hot topics this evening, dear ones? (Mary laughs and chuckles with Jo)

ROSE: George looks very much like he might.

NARDINE: May I make an acknowledgment just to bring in, tie together, the thread of Tom the gardener?

ROSE: Yes, dear one.

NARDINE: Because there may be those who, of course aren’t aware (Humorously) that in my recent private session with Rose, I…

MARY: Not so private any more!

NARDINE: No! (Laughing with Mary) In asking Rose of a life, a focus, that Mary, Marcos, Pete and myself share, Rose made us aware of a life we share where I am “Tom the gardener” (Chuckling) in Versailles tending the gardens, as a man of course, and I have pleasures with Mary and Pete, who are both dear ladies, part of that life we share. And so it’s quite magical that here you are, Tom, the gardener. (Chuckling) I venture that we might have things that we could talk about! (Chuckling with group)

However, let me also string together the thread that you’re making here, Rose, in my own mind. And that is that in this life, my sexuality – my body, my body pleasure, sex as a part of my process of learning and growing – has been as issue, an aspect of challenge, not necessarily comfort. And it’s very fascinating to me that I can sit here now, with an awareness of other focal sharings with my husband and others, ‘cause in another life that I share with Pete that Rose has shared with us, Pete is a church minister of sorts. I’m a madam who provides him with prostitutes for his pleasures.

So clearly, in other focuses I have great ease and comfort with my sexuality and my body, and all of that. And it’s interesting that in this one, I’ve chosen for it to be an area of growth, something that isn’t necessarily innate in my comfort of being. So again, Pete and I have had great delight, and fun and pleasure, in playing with these awarenesses – as you can hear, Mary too, (Chuckles) and Marcos. So we’ve had fun sharing these knowings, but it’s also very reassuring to know it’s only a breath away, for me to breathe in (Chuckles) the ease of sexuality expressed in other aspects of myself. So, come on New Year!

ROSE: We thought you said it’s only a “breast” away, dear one, indeed.

NARDINE: (Laughing) That too!

ROSE: We do know about the wonderful world of suffering in regard to being female, especially. You have been raised with many incorrect notions about how your sexuality is supposed to thrive, or not thrive, in your adulthood. So you’ve been raised with many lies about your bodies. They are not evil. They are not even wanting to be “sullied” by sexuality. In other words, we have many ways of sullying your thoughts about the body, sullying your wonderful ingestion of your very selves, in your ways of expressing yourselves in your bodies, as well as in your sexuality.

The allowing selves you’re allowing yourselves to be have to move through this in every way. There are reasons to fear the ways of sending only these messages to yourselves. These are your necessary training aspects we’re suggesting for you in the New Year. We’re going to call the New Year “The Year of Wanting only your Sexual Selves to…” (Jo chuckles and pauses)

GEORGE: Buy more condoms!

ROSE: “…to Peter into the New Year.” (Group chuckles) We’re of course joking, we’re making a joke at dear Pete’s expense a bit, but to say there’s reason to allow (Humorously) petering into the New Year, is why you’ll want to allow us to say more about this at another time also, for this will be a big topic next year, indeed. Sexuality is perhaps the most fun, as well as healing, senxuality-sense you can give yourselves. So do take on more sex in the New Year. Any way you can get the sex is geanius, but do try to take care of yourselves as well as others. Okay, dear ones?

So do take on “The Year of Sexuality,” as well as sexual purpose, the next year. Sexual purpose is why you decided to become physical, in some ways. You need to allow your expression of sexuality in your every moment. To take on emotion is one thing that is very attached, indeed, to your sexuality, but you need to flesh out, so to speak, the sexual parts, indeed, as well as the emotional parts you’re allowing yourselves to fear less about. To take on sexual ways is fun, as well as spiritual, in every way. So do, contrary to your beliefs, allow your position to change, in effect, (Paul chuckles) in regard to your sexual selves, indeed, dear ones.

Do continue to ask your personal, as well as sexual questions if you have them, dear ones.

MARY: (Laughing) Rose, may I?

GEORGE: It’s a sex phone line… Paul!

ROSE: Exactly.

GEORGE: Rose’s sex line.

ROSE: The Rose sex line is now open, indeed! (Group laughs)

MARY: Rose, it occurs to me that we came here to be physical, and that the best thing to do is never deny your animal. And I always think, in the bedroom and at the table and in the bathroom, always make sure that you take care of your animal. Your animal is so important that you actually wanted to be physical, or I actually wanted to be physical.

ROSE: You did, indeed!

MARY: And so it’s really important, you know, at the table to feed yourself and not worry about the belief systems around food and drink and all of those things. And in the bedroom, to actually allow yourself free-play, and in the bathroom to make sure that, you know, you tend to your body, in ways that feel good and that actually make you feel good.

ROSE: There’s reason to only want animals in the bedroom, (Laughter and chuckles) but to say there’s only that is a very slight challenge to your bestiality beliefs, indeed, dear one. (Mary chuckles) So we are, of course, joking. We’re wanting to express, also, there’s reason to only want to be an animal at times. In allowing your animal selves, you truly are in the world. You have to sometimes put aside the selves in order to thrive in ways that are more allowing of your mental pursuits, but to allow your animal selves is a very geanius way to allow your spiritual selves, dear one. That is very well said, Mary.

So do allow the animal selves to get the heck out of the way when you decide to allow your provisions of thought-based challenges, but in every way, the animal selves you’re wanting to bring into your world more are very needed. In fact, they’re the only way you can truly feal alive at times. There’s no reason to believe your animal selves aren’t the default self, in a sense, that you are. So do allow the animal selves to be your main people, in a sense, to allow the best senxual selves you can be.

Why not try to allow yourselves to think of yourselves as an animal, indeed? Why not try to allow yourselves to think of yourselves as a wonderful animal who has many ways of getting their due in the world? There are wonderful lions who have the sense they are the kings of the world, there are many monkeys to take on the challenges of the wisdom that is fraught in the senses of silliness, at times, also. The clearly wise sometimes don’t appear that way, do they? The monkeys know all about this, don’t they, dear ones?

So do take on your every way of spirit in your animal senses, indeed. There are reasons to allow them berth, in many ways, in your world, in your organizations also. Why not try to allow your zoo to be the allowance for your beautiful selves that you don’t think about, either, when you meet together as providers of groups? So do allow yourselves to be your best animals, indeed.

So do you have a sense who your animals are tonight? Do you have a sense who they are? Weary girl here thinks she’s a very geanius monkey, and indeed, she is. She’s always allowed herself to connect greatly with the simian types of the world. So she is in many ways a very good monkey-woman, indeed. (Group chuckles) So do you have a sense who your animals are tonight, dear ones? They can change, indeed, from day to day, depending on what you want to do in your world, indeed.

MARY: I’m a manatee today.

ROSE: A manatee, indeed. Why is that?

MARY: A pink one!

ROSE: A pink one, indeed. (Mary chuckles) Very senxy, indeed, dear one. Why is the manatee a good one to be today?

MARY: Ocean… water… you know, moving through the water, still being a mammal, enjoying it.

ROSE: Wisdom is also strong in manatees isn’t it?

MARY: The what?

ROSE: Wisdom!

MARY: They seem pretty wise, to me.

ROSE: They are. They are very wise. Manatees are very intelligent creatures who have the sense of purpose that other animals don’t even know about. Sometimes manatees take on humanlike forms. There are stories of sea creatures who are half-human. However you may see manatees, we think they’re very humanlike. They can pass as creatures who are like mermaids at times. So manatees have a “sea creature” sort of sense about them that is legion, in some ways, very given to allowing stories to be chreated[5] about them, around their abilities in senxual ways. So this is a very good one to take on for you today, dear one.

MARY: Feels right!

ROSE: Indeed! (Mary chuckles) Fealing right is a very good thing.

MARY: Mmhm.

ROSE: Do you have a sense there are manatees wanting to allow themselves to become essence?

MARY: Hmmm, I hadn’t thought about it, I guess so, yeah.

ROSE: You can say they are petitioning, in some ways, for that. There are reasons to want to have manatees become essence. They have more to them to share with the group essence structures you’ve chreated in your presence as humans. You have to sometimes take on the ways of animals who need to allow themselves to control their destinies the way humans try to do. In essence, they are allowing themselves to do so. So sometimes essence has ways of determining courses of things they don’t otherwise have. So manatees – as well as providers of other senses – they have ways of finding essence, but they are not essence.

This is very tricky to describe, but sometimes essence has to incorporate animal-sense in order to allow the best expressions of spirit. So manatees have a sense they have of being in the sea that humans can definitely use at times. So they want to allow themselves to become essence. The verdict is still out, dear ones. But you can say they are very similar to dolphins as well as whales in wanting to express themselves, in your terms, as your bodily functions of other ways. Okay?

MARY: Okay.

ROSE: Do you have any other ways of wanting the animal-selves to thrive in you? You have a sense they have ways of getting your attention, don’t they? They get hungry, they get senxy, they want to have more fearlessness about their ways, they want to poop and pee all over the place sometimes. They have no manners at times, don’t they, animals? They want to very much allow their shit to be thrown about the place. Why not do this sometimes also, dear ones?

You have to throw your shit around at times, (Mary chuckling) then allow yourselves to laugh and laugh about that, don’t you? Why not try to do this every day, throw your shit, then laugh about this? Why not do that tomorrow? Indeed, on the eve of Christmas when everything is supposed to be unanimously pristine, why not throw your shit around, then wonder about why you didn’t think about this sooner, indeed.

NARDINE: It does sound like fun to muck up intentionally, (Humorously) just to allow yourself to muck up.

MARY: Mmhm.

ROSE: That’s exactly right.

PAUL: Sounds very monkey-like to me.

ROSE: It is monkey-like, but it’s also very deeply needed in your world. Your contrary selves[6] – there they are again – want to desperately throw the shit around. But you don’t allow that, why? You know the answer to this. We’ll let you think about this for a moment.

PAUL: Because it smells bad, and someone’s got to clean it up! (Chuckling)

ROSE: Sometimes it does smell bad. Sometimes it smells just wonderful, though, doesn’t it, indeed? Why not throw the shit around tomorrow? You’re correct, dear one, you need to clean it up. But to say you don’t want to throw it in the first place because of that isn’t the real reason. The real reason is because you have the sense that you’re supposed to be what?

CARYN: Nice!

ROSE: Exactly!

NARDINE: Perfect!

ROSE: Perfect too, right. So perfection is why you often don’t allow yourselves to think in ways that you’ll find ridiculous, at times. But to say you need to throw your shit around isn’t exactly the point. The point is to think about throwing your shit around, right? Why not even consider that? You’ll do well to allow yourselves to think about that in ways you don’t yet.

For when you fear, you hold your energy so close that you don’t even think about the repercussions of getting in your own ways the best contrary self you could possibly have. So think about throwing your shit around, indeed. Then allow yourselves to think about the best resources to throw it, the best provisions of targets to throw it at, and you’ll do well to take your game to the next level. For you need to throw your shit around sometimes, and then allow it to land wherever spirit needs it to, indeed. We want you to. We want to assist you in your allowances of everything beautiful, and sometimes the way to do that is in propagating the best ways of fertilizing the world.

So do take on the wonderful world of zoo creatures, then allow yourselves to be the best shit-throwers in the world, indeed. (Group chuckles and laughter)

PAUL: I think we should take about ten million tons of shit and ship it to the stock exchange on Wall Street, and the different banks (Group chuckling as Paul speaks) with the corrupt, malfeasant CEOs, and to their homes …

MARY: Paul, have you ever read William Burroughs?

PAUL: …and to the House of Representatives and to the United States Senate.

MARY: The purple-ass baboons?

GEORGE: The Olympics of the “shit-throwers”! (Group chuckles)

ROSE: You’re exactly right. That’s exactly why you need to do this. Sometimes you just need to vent the worst selves you can be.

PAUL: Ah, I feel like I just had a good dump!

ROSE: Indeed. (Group laughing) Take a good dump on Wall Street. Indeed, there’s reason to want to do this. Indeed, they sometimes deserve that.

MARY: They had a good one on us.

ROSE: Exactly. So do take on the best provisions of getting your ways of spirit in the ways you’ll find most contrary, indeed.

PAUL: Let’s include our big three United States car manufacturers that are utterly worthless in competing in the global marketplace, and have gone under, and are threatening millions of jobs and their employees, and a whole unsustainable business model, too, while we’re at it.

MARY: Maybe something interesting will come of this.

PAUL: Always!

MARY: I’m kind of looking forward to it. It’s all play money anyway, Paul.

PAUL: I know.

MARY: (Humorously) It has been for years. There’s no gold behind it… does it really matter?

PAUL: Right, there’s no silver, or gold, or anything behind it.

MARY: No. So why not let them have it, since it’s all monopoly money, why not just let it go?

ROSE: You can think of the Wall Street investors as being shit-throwers of the worst-smelling kind. We want you to throw your most beautiful smelly stuff towards that problem in order to help it thrive in new ways. You’re correct, dear one, that the ways of spirit are forming a sort of new provision of governance, as well as financial numbers.

New ways of doing numbers are why you’re wanting to allow this to occur. The money is correctly non-worthy of you. It is truly worthless in every way. The belief structures around it is the thing to keep in mind. There are many structures in spirit around it also. So the way of spirit is helping you get through the next few years of struggle. There will be ways of saying this later, but there will be some adjustments needed in the coming months, as well as years.

So do take on more ways of finding your own value in the world. There’s reason to fear less about that, isn’t there? You didn’t value yourselves as much before these things started, did you? You’re fearing less, in some ways, because you know there’s reason to be frugal. You’ve always found beauty in frugality, some of you. You have a sense of the deep chreativity involved in your struggles, also. So you’re fearing less when many individuals are fearing much more than they ever did before. These are very fearful persons, anyway.

Your individuals who want to have so many things are very fearful anyway. But there’s reason to fear more, when you feal the world has very much pulled the rug out from under you. So there’s reason to fear less for you, more for others. But that’s your beauty, isn’t it, dear ones? You know better than they do. You’re in on the secrets in many ways. So do continue with your beautiful assertions of positive values, in your ways of finding your new inventions of financial structures, as well as provisions of governance in your world. Do so.

MARY: Isn’t this it? I mean isn’t this “the shift”? Isn’t this part of what it’s about, that everything’s changing?

ROSE: You’re exactly right, the shift is on! It’s very much on in your world now it’s…

MARY: …so much fun. It’s hilarious to watch.

ROSE: It is! Why not try to make a play out of it? You could say it’s the play of the year, in fact. The governing bodies having their day in the sun doing the silly things they do, they are everyman’s ditriol – D-I-T-R-I-O-L.[7] Even in the worst ways, the seasons change when the finances change. The winter is going to be a very hard one for some. Why not try to allow yourselves to allow compassion in ways you haven’t yet, perhaps?

There are reasons to not want to take on the challenges you’ve done, because some individuals will suffer. Some individuals who need to not suffer will suffer. Why not try to allow them to help themselves when they can in spirit? Why not try to allow yourselves to habitate their souls? In some ways, there’s reason to fear only what you can control. You can control how others don their hats of fear. You can help your fellow men by allowing yourselves to help them in spirit.

Do you have any ideas on how you might do that? How might you help individuals in the world who are suffering? By not doing… what?

MARY: Judgment.

ROSE: Deeply judgmental people do suffer. They have a sense there are reasons to be fearful about the things of the world. They do judge them deeply. You don’t need to judge others who have suffering in their paths, do you?

There’s reason to feal better that sometimes people do get what they deserve, for example, O.J. He did need to go to jail, didn’t he? He wanted to go to jail, didn’t he? Do you get that? The ways of O.J. are the ways of everyone: you all get what you want to get. Sometimes there’s reason to fear the things you’ll get, sometimes they are slightly worse than you would have thought, sometimes better. In his case, he needs to go to jail to help himself get the punishment he knows he deserves.[8]

Punishment is a very tricky thing to describe. There’s no reason to ever fear there is need for punishment. But sometimes this is a very helpful thing, for it allows you to move into new areas you wouldn’t have normally. O.J. had a very privileged life. He never really suffered in physical ways he needed to in order to strive for a better self. He knows he did very many wrong things. He needs to allow, in many ways, his punishment, for he is a geanius person in his own right. He needs the beneficial allowances that prison will give him. So do not fear your punishments. Sometimes they have many reasons to be in your wanting.

They are truly geanius in their own ways, for example, the punishments that some people have in gaining access to things they didn’t know they wanted. They sometimes have a sense they are gaining things they don’t need. They sometimes have ways of provoking punishment by doing this, why? They want to, what? Bring it to their own attention, right? So they describe how they, for example, allow themselves to download DVDs off the Internet, then they make sure they break every DVD player they ever had in order to thrive in ways they didn’t realize before.[9] They had a sense of violation, right? To get their attention, they needed to punish themselves. This is very accurate. Punishment is a very big thing in your world.

There are reasons to not want to punish people, but there are sometimes reasons for self-punishment, as well as the governance, of others. There’s reasons to also beautifully chreate punishment in order to allow your individuals who don’t have a sense of good or bad to thrive in ways they didn’t before. They need to learn this, at times.

So don’t wrong on punishment. Sometimes it’s very required in your world, then allowed in ways that are truly beneficial to others. You don’t need to punish yourselves or others. You only need to allow these things to occur when they naturally need to occur.

So do you have any other deeply embarrassing things to bring up this evening?

MARY: (Laughing) I was wondering about the punishment thing. I’m wondering if it’s really just a way to get free, because of beliefs that we build around right and wrong, and the things that we do to prove to ourselves that there is right and wrong, so that we can shore up our belief systems.

ROSE: Yes!

MARY: Punishments are a way of actually moving into us so that we can get free.

ROSE: You’re exactly right. These are belief-based associations that you’re discussing now. Sometimes these are very necessary, indeed, to have, but not always. These are sometimes the reasons you have of finding comfort, in some ways. That’s why sometimes there are masochists involved in sometimes punishing themselves. Sometimes these are not healthy ways. But sometimes they are. Sometimes they really, truly are healthy ways that you don’t quite understand. But you can say that you’re correct, that there are reasons to think of punishment as a way of getting the handle on the problem, then getting through the rituals, perhaps, or stages that you’d consider punishment, then allowing that to just go, indeed.

PAUL: Rose, I have a question about a man who was in the news just yesterday, and your talking about O.J. reminded me. He’s a Wall Street trader and from the looks of his picture on TV, he’s in his sixties. He’s got it all – wealth, power, and social status. Ostensibly, he doesn’t need anything – and is highly accomplished in his field – a big expert, multi-multi-millionaire if not a billionaire – and he defrauded people in a Ponzi scheme[10] of (Exclaiming) fifty billion dollars! What leads an individual to self-destruct like that? He’s obviously ruined. He was turned in by his sons, apparently, and he’s going to jail for the rest of his life.

In less-kind times, he would have been tarred and feathered, and drawn and quartered, and ripped by horses for that kind of thievery. The question is: what leads a person to want to punish themselves, to lose everything they have and cheat in the system? Is it the greed and power blinding absolutely? Power corrupting absolutely?

ROSE: You could say this. But to say he didn’t want to get the way of spirit is an understatement. He had very wonderful ways – that you could consider geanius – in finances. He did get into some fearful places when he had to trust himself – he didn’t. So he had to correlate the self he thought he was, with the self he was, indeed, wanting to be.

He didn’t have the sense to correct the situation by allowing himself to thrive in new ways. Instead, he continued to allow the fear to trust himself, rather than allowing the Self to trust himself. In some ways, the fear took over. He developed a sort of new self, who was not the Self of “greater-Self Self” type of self. So he had to change himself to make himself thrive in ways he didn’t really want to, meaning the physical ways of wanting things. He didn’t, deep down, want these things.

Why not try to allow yourself to be him for a moment? He was a very poor individual in spirit. He wanted only to take on ways of finding success in the financial world. His fear helped him to be the worst economic adviser. He had many ways of wanting to be better, but he digs himself deeper, in every way, when he fears. You do that, too. You help yourself to ways of finding deeper selves who aren’t necessarily happy selves, in your wanting ways.

He’s just a “poster boy” for this. But you have a sense that he had ways of wanting to be a “bettering” individual – bettering of the world – he just didn’t make those choices. So when he allowed himself to be in the financial sector as a wheeler-dealer, he just went crazy, in his alternate, fearful self, not his real Self. You all have these aspects, you don’t always notice them, but you’re just like him, in some ways, when you don’t allow your way of spirit to thrive, when you don’t allow yourselves to be the individuals you want to be.

He wanted to allow himself to be a very creative individual, also. It was very creative, (Humorously) what he did, indeed, right? So don’t wrong on yourself for wanting to be more creative, but know that creativity is everything it’s cracked up to be, and more, for it will take many different directions, when you allow it to, indeed. Make sure your creativity is aligned, in your terms, with your way of spirit, for if it’s not, you’ll end up just like him, won’t you?

So do take on the world in creative ways, but be allowing your best selves to be involved in the process, indeed. You have more questions, dear boy?

PAUL: No, thank you.

ROSE: Let’s take a break, indeed. Then allow yourselves to want to take on more sex-talk (Laughter on phone line) after the dinner break, indeed. When you’ll want to be throwing your food around also, hopefully, dear ones!

GEORGE: It will be an arousing meal.

ROSE: Indeed.

PAUL: Thank you, Rose.

GROUP: Thanks to Rose.

ROSE: You’re welcome.

BREAK: 5:32PM.

PAUL: (Amidst laughter) Well that was an interesting first half – sex, poop, and punishment!

MARY: And money! It had it all!


ROSE: We want to address a question raised to the weary girl earlier about the way of spirit of sexuality, as well as pornography. We do want to stress, the wanton[11] ways of spirit are fine, but sometimes you also need to allow more spirit into your sex. So when you don’t want to take on the only physical ways – there’s really nothing wrong in every way with this – but some things are better with spirit, and in your sexuality you can sometimes use more spirit in your sex, that’s all.

There’s wonder in all sex, okay? So don’t tell anyone Rose would like you to have better sex, only more sex, in many ways, as well as more secrets of sex, that you can avail yourselves of. For there are many things you can learn about sex that are very helpful.

So we’ll continue to allow your questions about the sexual things we’ve talked about this evening or any topic you’d like, indeed.

GEORGE: Okay. Well this is non-sexual, it may lead to sex later in life probably, but…

ROSE: (Humorously) We hope so.

GEORGE: I definitely hope so, too. This has to do with reality creation, and so we had a conversation on how, apparently, theoretically there’s an understanding of how one creates one’s reality. For instance, let’s say as an example, a person believes he has to take his or her vitamins daily. It’s a necessity. And let’s say, for arguments sake, they decide to change that belief system and take vitamins not at all, they could just say, “Ice cream is better. Strawberry ice cream is way better than those vitamins” and it will have the same effect. My understanding, according to the material, is that that is possible. Is it? And if it is, how is it done, dealing with a belief system, changing a perception and all the other good stuff. And then, are we going to get into sex, and ice cream?

ROSE: Okay, we want to get into sex with you, dear one, indeed.

GEORGE: But how about the first more pressing thing?

ROSE: Okay. The strawberry question is a geanius one. We want to say there are reasons to fear only strawberry ice cream as a food, indeed. But the way to think about this is as a very geanius allowance for happiness, pure and simple. There are many ways to allow happiness into one’s lives, so you can expect to hear more about this.

But to keep it simple for now, the weary boy has many vitamins he puts out for himself, as well as the weary girl. He does this, why? To ensure his happiness as well as health. He does this for the weary girl as well, for the same reasons. Why not think about this as strawberry ice cream in reverse, in a way? He’s helping you to want to allow the strawberry ice cream rather than doing the direct ice cream thing in itself. So he wants to allow the involvement of happiness instead of the direct happiness-inspired action. So he was only including happiness in a sort of precautionary sense, then allowing the ice cream in another sense. He helped himself to both in ways you will value, also. He has many allowances for happiness, so he wants to ensure these by doing the vitamin regimen, indeed.[12]

Does that answer your question?


ROSE: Okay.

GEORGE: Because my question was, what belief systems, and about… obviously, if we want to change our reality, we have to change our perception, we got to deal with our belief systems. So now, if the person – whoever it might be – believed vitamins are good for them, excellent. There’s persons who don’t take vitamins, and they’re still okay.

So let’s say you want to change that in your life. Let’s say I’m taking all these vitamins, drugs, whatever I want to make myself feel good and feel healthy. So how can I go about changing this within my life and say, “Hey, ice cream is just as good for me, chocolate, whatever ice cream it is” or I can use bananas, whatever, for a substitute.

ROSE: You don’t allow the ice cream though, do you? Why is that?

GEORGE: Because the belief system is in the vitamins.

ROSE: No, it’s also in the vitamins themselves. There are reasons to want to have vitamins, indeed. They are the very things that beliefs chreate. The beliefs don’t negate the properties of vitamins or ice cream. There are many things that beliefs don’t change. In many ways you think they do, but they don’t. You’ve chreated the vitamins for a reason, right?

GEORGE: For a purpose, yes.

ROSE: To allow your allowance for help, we’ll say. To allow the best health you can get, in some ways. But ice cream does not do the same job as vitamins, does it? But it does have a very good purpose also, doesn’t it?

In other words, there are many beliefs around vitamins that are not what you’re suggesting here. They actually are chreated, in some ways, in belief systems. So when you allow yourself to behave in ways that are aligned, in many ways, with your beliefs, you’ll get the responses you want to the actions you take in regard to these allowances.

So this doesn’t quite answer your question yet, but to get to the ice cream scenario, again: there are reasons to believe that sometimes ice cream is a better habit than vitamins. Sometimes there’s reason to believe that the vitamins are the better answer for your health. They are different. They are also wanting to be enjoyed in different ways. So don’t negate their properties by thinking that beliefs will change them, they won’t. Okay? Beliefs actually help chreate them, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation about the differences, would we?

GEORGE: Well, I don’t think it’s about differences. It’s not a question of which one is better for you, my question was kind of different. I think it was different than that. I was trying to get to a different thing, but maybe I did not get it across clearly enough to what I was trying to get to.

ROSE: Okay. Then we’ll suggest that when you have the answers, you teall us them, okay? Teall us when you get your answers, you’ve learned (George laughs) to do this very well, haven’t you George?

GEORGE: It’s more like, “Go fuck yourself.” (Laughing)

ROSE: Not at all. We are only suggesting that you know the answers already.

GEORGE: Me, George?

ROSE: Yes!


MARY: George?


MARY: May I say something? Hello…

GEORGE: Yeah, I’m here!

MARY: You know I actually have a kind of a strong belief against vitamins, and…

GEORGE: But this is not about vitamins, you don’t seem to understand my point. Fuck vitamins – since this is sex thing – fuck vitamins, let’s say you like roses and you want to change to you want to like tulips, how do you go about that? I know you can just go and buy them, but if your strong belief is “Roses are good for you,” and then you say, “You know what? I want to change my perception of my reality. I don’t want anymore roses around in my life. I just want tulips.”

MARY: Then something would have had to make you feel that way in the first place, to change that. But what I was going to say was that I think that it’s a matter of actually doing it. You know, I’m the healthiest person I know. I smoke, I drink, I don’t take vitamins, but I listen to what I feel like I need.

GEORGE: But this is not what I was addressing, I’m sorry. I was not addressing a health issue or anything…

MARY: No, I know, and I’m not addressing a health issue, either, I’m just talking about how my beliefs… I suppose that I could change my beliefs to say that I needed vitamins, and then all of a sudden I would actually need them. But I think that it’s a matter of doing it.

GEORGE: Well, yeah, you go back into trust issue, and all this other stuff. But we’re talking about identifying the belief, accepting it, and then picking the belief you want that will be helpful to you to change your perception and alter your reality.

MARY: Right.

GEORGE: I know it’s easy in physical terms to say, “I’m just going to get a bunch of tulips instead and problem solved.” But that was not the issue. It’s just reality creation, on a deeper sense where you can actually start creating from within. My belief is everything is within us, we carry all these belief systems, and that’s what separates us and now you create your own reality – we been hearing that since Seth – and now I was just trying to say, okay, how can one possibly do it? But what I hear is like, well, ice cream is probably not as good as vitamins, and that’s not what I’m asking.

ROSE: You have every reason to allow your own internal workings to move you into whatever areas you want to go. But that is not to say there is reason to believe these are in any way better than how you do things already. So where you have a sense you want to move in ways that you don’t now, you only need to realize how very easy it is to do so. All you need to do is go there. That’s all you need to do. And then you’ll discover how very easy it was to do so, also. Then you’ll be allowing yourself more allowances for movement after that. There’s only change. That’s the only thing that doesn’t change, right?


ROSE: You only need to set your sights on how you want to change, knowing you’re going to, in any case, no matter what. So don’t realize only suffering in changes, realize change can be a very wonderful thing. Start, in your terms, with something small, if you’d like, then allow that, then do more when you fear less. Your fear is the only thing that keeps you from your movement into new areas, that’s all.

So don’t fear tulips when you want to switch from roses to tulips, you only need to deeply desire tulips, that’s all you need to do, and don’t fear that at all. Your desires are always on target, always. So, you only need to allow, then take the plunge towards tulips, indeed. Do you have any other questions right now?

GEORGE: I probably have to regurgitate this for a while. But, yeah well…

ROSE: Okay, regurgitate, then make sure you share that with all the rest of us. (Laughter)

GEORGE: I thought I was going to get a schematic or something more, you know.

ROSE: Indeed. The schematic is in your understanding of how you’ll move into the new areas. You know this intentionally. Your intention is the key here. There’s every reason to trust that your intention is doing the main work of moving you into new areas. That’s why you’re wanting to ask the question. The intentionality is suggesting to you to ask the question. In your very words, you have intention, indeed.

GEORGE: Actually, I have friends, I tell them, “Oh no, you create your own reality.” And they said, “Well how?” and I say, “Well, wait a minute,” and I’m like, even I don’t know how. So crap, let me figure it out.

ROSE: You do it in every moment. In every way, you’re always doing that in every way, intentionally aligned with your decent ways. Your decent ways teall you more about your selves than any other thing, the better angels, you might say, that teall you how to allow yourselves to thrive, indeed. So do continue to ask yourself the questions you need to. Then we’ll assist in helping you learn to answer more all the time, dear one. Okay?

Do continue to ask your beautiful questions this evening, dear ones. You have many more, we think, indeed. You had a question about Rose wanting to allow more cigar smoking, indeed, into her reality?[13] We’re joking. Rose doesn’t need to allow more cigar smoking in her days. We’ll explain.

The reason Elias had to ask them about the cigar smoking, as well as the pipe smoking, had to do with the effects of how the group would respond to the questions. So they needed to have a fun time with that, that’s why that occurred.

Elias doesn’t need to reinforce how he felt when he had a smoke when he was physical. He needed only to invigorate the group a bit, in their sense of play. So he was really doing them a favor, in some ways, rather than a deep need for that experience again. Now we’ll say also, there was some degree of interaction in his wanting that, too. There was some, but this wasn’t as strong as you’d think, perhaps, in his wanting that to have happen in his experience with the group. But he did want to play, and he did a fine job of this, indeed.

Elias has focuses. Rose does not have experiences directly in focus reality. But she does experience, sometimes, things that you do always in spirit. In many ways, her ways are similar to yours. She experiences some pain, she experiences some suffering also. This is to show herself how you fear and how you suffer. This is why we’re here for you – you are us – so when you fear, you have many ways of garnering essence support because you’re only wanting to share that. We know your pain, so why you would care to suffer on your own is the question.

You know we’re here for you, you know we’re wanting you to experience life the way you wanted to do before you became physical. So why not consider how very wanting of your expressions have for you in order to appease your sense of questioning in regard to Rose? Her ways are your ways, so everything you experience, her ways experience also.

Take for example the cookies on her right side now.[14] We’ll experience them when she eats them, too. No matter why you think you’re separate, there’s reason to, in every way, believe there is no separation also. So don’t wrong on yourselves for wanting to think of yourselves as separate. Truly you’re not, but there’s reasons to allow yourselves to feal that way, sometimes. So do so, and know that we’re always there in the background, so to speak. Okay? So do you have other questions, dear ones?

PAUL: I just want to comment on the reality creation part of this, because it’s really simple, and yet it’s exceedingly complex at the same time, and it always takes me a while to kind of dig around, and get my bearings on it.

But Elias offered a schematic, and George you were present for that, I believe, in March of 2007 group session, where he used the leprechaun analogy for the inner self. Steve Lord was there, your counterpart – Vold counterpart – asking the same question. And he wanted a method, and Elias did his best to outline this. And so, let me just put that over here, and then I want to just come over a hundred and eighty degrees and just throw out something.

You know, when I’m sitting here creating my reality in every second – we’re always creating our reality in every moment point, we cannot not create our own reality – we’re not intellectually aware of the process or schematic, and it’s a natural thing as we’re wrestling with this to want the map, and the method, and so on. So they kind of try to present it to us and it’s slippery, but I just look at my own experience of the moment point.

Am I consciously aware of my hair growing, of my food digesting, of my liver processing, you know, poisons, of my heart beating, pushing pressure, of my brain cells growing new neurons and memories for this thing right now? No. The Paul awareness, the outer ego is a layer of consciousness that doesn’t need to be concerned with all of that. That’s what I consider a subconscious process that’s happening. It’s under my Paul awareness.

God, if I had to think about that, and put energy in this, nothing would get done, and I’d just explode into dust. Reality creation couldn’t work that way. So then, we have the outer ego, we have subconscious, then we have essence – the leprechaun, as Elias called it – which is the primary source. So the ego says, “I’m tired of roses, I deeply desire tulips,” and Rose said you only need to deeply desire tulips.

And I’m thinking of it, if I wanted to do this as a method, I change my awareness to put my entire outer egoic awareness into deeply desiring tulips – everything becomes desiring tulips to the total best of my ability. And according to Elias, the leprechaun or essence, which is neutral – as he said, it’s neutral – will give you tulips. And another two hundred and seventy degrees up here, just another idea, is our friend – I don’t want to mention the name – but his mother in-law is in her seventies, she smoked, like, two packs a day for years, she quit because of health problems only recently, but she gets by on Reese’s pieces, you know, some kind of cereal like Lucky Charms, coffee and soda. That’s all she eats.

GEORGE: That’s my point.

PAUL: Well, so that’s a data point, too. But my point is, she can’t run a marathon, she can barely walk up and down the hill to her house. In my value system, she’s not very healthy on that diet. She’s alive, she’s still experiencing her life, and you can live that way. But, how’s her sex life, how is her endurance, how is her physical power, how is her mental power during the day? She sleeps twenty or eighteen hours a day. So, all I’m saying is, “Yes…”

GEORGE: You going back to belief systems.

PAUL: And it’s a choice.

GEORGE: Because you believe that, it is, so it shouldn’t be…

PAUL: So, to answer your question, how do I change from roses to tulips?

GEORGE: Accept the beliefs.

PAUL: Deeply desire it, and the leprechaun or inner self, you know, manifests it. I don’t manifest it. My desire triggers that, and this other part of me, the submerged part of the iceberg, co-creates with me. And then another data point, three hundred and eleven degrees over here, is that I’m doing that, but Caryn’s doing it, Joanne’s doing it, Tom’s doing it, you’re doing it, and six billion others are doing it simultaneously on this planet together. So there’s a (Almost singing the words) whole other layer of nested co-creation happening together.

GEORGE: This is my basic point, is that we are creating on a subjective level. We’re not that aware of it.

PAUL: But, it’s objective and subjective.

GEORGE: The thing is how do you make it more objective? That’s where I’m hung up on.

PAUL: By following your intent, understanding your intent – which is your desire, your desire comes from your intent, not your wants. Wants are “I want the trophy wife. I want the fifty billion dollar Ponzi scheme.” That’s a want, and always it’s here or there.

GEORGE: I’m fine with that, it’s okay. I understand everything you’re saying.

PAUL: So deeply desire and you can have it all. You can have whatever you want.

GEORGE: Thank you.

PAUL: (Quickly as in “authorized by”) By Paul Helfrich. (Group laughter)

GEORGE: (Humorously) Yeah, copyright. (Laughing)

PAUL: (Humorously) It’s that simple. (Exclaiming) That’s the secret! You heard it here, for the… thousandth time.

GEORGE: There’s a kid desiring a turkey leg somewhere in the middle of Africa and he’s dying of starvation, and they’re burying him, and he’s still desiring a turkey leg.

PAUL: Yeah, cholera in Zimbabwe.

GEORGE: That’s what I’m talking about, intent, it’s born with that. Rose, before we’re born – me, George, as a focus – was I sitting there with essence, picking out the probabilities and the intent? Was I?

ROSE: You had a sense of realization of probabilities before you were born, yes.

GEORGE: As a focus, as George?

ROSE: You had not had a sense of focus yet, though.

GEORGE: Had I picked any of these things?

ROSE: You as essence did, yes.

GEORGE: But, I as focus, as George?

ROSE: Not yet…


ROSE: …as we just said. There were reasons to feal that focus beginning, in a sense. But the focus had not yet contrived itself into being: contrived in the sense that there are contrivances agreed to before your birth. So focus information was involved, but there was not a focus yet. So your essence self chose those probabilities, as well as desires, in some ways, in intentionality.

GEORGE: And the alignments and everything else.

ROSE: The alignments are that, intentionality. Indeed.

GEORGE: All right.

ROSE: So you as essence chose, based on the probable self you had begun to imagine, in a sense.

GEORGE: Before being born?

ROSE: Before even beginning the focus self idea, in a sense. The focus self was an idea first, before you had the reasonable facsimile that became George. So this was how essence chreated your probabilities: by allowing itself to imagine you, in a sense, before you were actualized, in some ways.

GEORGE: So my question is, have I agreed to the probabilities, and have I agreed to the intentionality? Or I just went along with the flow – put it this way?

ROSE: You are essence, George. You agreed to it all. You have a sense that this is true, but you have more beliefs about differentiation than are helping you right now.

GEORGE: Well, I see that, I understand that, I just want to figure out why I have all this resentment toward essence in general.

ROSE: You have “sort of” beliefs about essence “sort of” being you, but not really. You have more victim-speak in you than is healthy right now. You have a sense of beginning to trust yourself as essence, but you still hold much resentment in regard to life challenges that you now blame on essence. Okay? So blame happens at many levels for everyone. But you’ve begun to allow blame of essence for your woes, when actually you need to take responsibility for your actions sometimes. Sometimes you’ve allowed yourself to blame essence for things you didn’t have any control of that you need to simply accept, also. There are some variations of will involved.

Sometimes essence gets the handle on situations, sometimes it does not, but always it helps you. You don’t need to wrong yourself for not trusting essence. This is very common on your planet, so to speak. The essence you have in your thoughts is not the essence in reality, at times. It’s not a very big guy who is a punishing sort of person. It’s an always-loving presence in your life. You’ve substituted your father for essence, in some ways, also.

You need to allow more loving energy into your life, that’s all you need to do. Tulips, roses, whatever, however you need to do that, it’s loving energy that always heals, everyone, indeed.

So do take on essence in some ways as a lover. In fact, this is perhaps the best example that we could give you of how essence interacts with you, indeed. It’s a very lover-ly situation that is, indeed, very senxual, also.

Trade your tulips for roses, but you’d also do well to trade your father figure for a very loving wife figure, perhaps, in order to examine why you’re not getting the examples you need to of exchanges of essence into your days, indeed. You’ll want to switch out your imagination, perhaps, of what you think essence is, indeed. This may help you, indeed, George.

GEORGE: We’ll find out.

ROSE: Okay.

GEORGE: Hope you didn’t mean “ex” wife-figure… (Humorously) ‘cause that would be scary…

ROSE: Not at all!

GEORGE: …I would have got scared right now, and run out of here and got a speeding ticket on the way home.

ROSE: We do want to say there’s reasons to fear less about that also. We’ll say more at another time. But don’t give in to your fear about her, either. It’s been a very important experience for you, indeed.

GEORGE: See, that’s not what bothers me. It bothers me because it hurts somebody else. That’s what bothers me when it comes to that issue. I think I can handle whatever is thrown my way, but there’s somebody else caught in the middle, and there shouldn’t be.

ROSE: You have to allow the interest in the experience to occur sometimes, so you can sense that your daughter has some understanding of why this is happening also. So trust her essence in charge also. Okay? Do so. Then allow her to begin the healing in ways that, in every way, intentionally assist her in her very world today. Okay? She’s allowing herself to thrive in spite of. Sometimes that’s the very best lesson to learn, indeed. Okay? So do that.

Then we’ll allow other questions tonight, dear ones.

CARYN: Can I ask a question?

ROSE: Indeed.

CARYN: I have a tendency to imagine myself as kind of different people that I have different traits of myself, and they’re in different situations. I imagine them in different situations with different things happening to them, and imagine what kind of things I would learn from that, and just what experiences I would have, and I do this constantly. And I was wondering if that’s similar to what essence does, when it manifests focuses, the desire is somewhat the same.

ROSE: You have a sense of ascension, at times also, don’t you? You have an ascending aspect, of sorts, this is somewhat realized in your preparations before you turn in for the night. The ascending self has to do with your essence self most directly. We wanted to say that first off, because this is a very important tool for you, indeed, in many ways, in your allowing your intentionality to thrive, okay?

So the spiritual sense that you have in your understanding of essence is the thing that is allowing your psyche to realize these aspects. This is a very geanius thing to do. Sometimes these aspects are not as encouraging of health. That is to say, sometimes they are not healthy – they are pathological, in some respects – when they are not interested in being integrated. So you’re correct that these are like essence in many ways, but also much like you, also, as focus self, because you have many selves to you all the time, but you don’t know it.

The reason you don’t know it is because you’ve been taught that you’re supposed to always be the same way all the time. That’s not the case. That’s not who you are. You’re every person who ever lived in some ways, aren’t you? So why not continue to allow the aspects to allow themselves into your knowing self. That is, sometimes you need to separate them in ways that are helpful to you, but you can understand them a bit at a time, when they allow themselves to healp [15] you out in ways that, in many ways, take on their best traits.

For example, the “monkey swinging from the chandelier self” that you are is a very good one to have at a very raucous party, indeed. That’s not the same self that is the princess who dons her tiara at times, is it? So when you have the sense there are many you’s involved, that’s when you’ll really discover the essence selves that you are, indeed, S-E-L-V-E-S indeed. That’s exactly correct, dear one. Very good.

Do you have any other questions this evening?


ROSE: Then we’ll suggest you’ll want to allow the phone people to begin to thrive in sleepy ways, perhaps. There’s no reason to feal that you need to speak, dear ones. You’re allowing your senxual selves to begin to move into new areas of exploration, hopefully. (Chuckles and laughter)

MARY: Exploring is fun. (Laughing)

ROSE: Exactly.

GEORGE: Keep your hands on the table. (More group laughter)

MARY: I’m still thinking about the whole creation thing. Sorry, like the cogs are turning and I’m interested in… now I’ve switched focuses and I’m thinking about that.

ROSE: You’re correct. To say that another way, you’re always taking on the set of experiences that you’ll find useful. So you’ll always find creation a very interesting subject. There’s only differences in how you’ll chreate, indeed. The ways are indeed, infinite, aren’t they?

MARY: Yes, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about… I’ve had so many jobs in my life, and the way that I turn my attention to a new thing that I do, and then relating that back to essence. And the idea of focus and the idea of really focusing, and what that actually means. And I’m not making… I can’t express it very well because it’s more of a feeling than a thought thing, but I am fascinated by it.

ROSE: Sumari-girl has many aspects to her that need realizations. So you’ll do well to consider how many times you’ll want to take on more things, but you don’t need to. So you can consider yourself full of aspects, as well probable selves, who will take on what you do not – or cannot – in your lifetime.

MARY: Mmhm.

ROSE: You don’t need to do everything. There are always other individuals who are happy to help with that, indeed.

MARY: Bless them! (Laughing)

ROSE: Indeed. Even the things you don’t want to do, in some ways, sometimes, right?

MARY: Yes. I’m just kind of fascinated by the idea that, you know, in trying to figure out what is essence and what is my relationship to essence, and then turning it to my own experience and saying, “Ha, sure.” You know, I’m not very interested in other focuses. It doesn’t fascinate me the way that it fascinates a lot of people, I think. But I am kind of fascinated with what I can relate of my own experience back to my own essence, knowing that I am my own essence, at the same time, and just, you know, I kind of came to it the other day when I was tiring of something that I was doing, and then turned my attention to something else, and thought, “Oh, I’m creating a new focus… this is interesting.” That’s all.

ROSE: You’re always creating new focuses, in many ways, without the intervention of another being, in a sense. So that’s correct, there’s no reason to think you’re anything other than essence when you feal that way, exactly. The same as Caryn said earlier, there’s no reason to think of yourself as different than essence when you get to that experience point. That is a finality, of sorts, that you’ll find comfortable in time.

When you allow essence-like fealings, you’ll discover a sort of “final frontier,” of sorts, of fealing. Okay? Because you’re a final focus, also has to do with this, indeed. So you’ll discover things about your reality that many others do not, unless they’re also final focuses, dear ones.

MARY: Hmmm.

ROSE: Okay, any other questions this evening?

PAUL: Nardine, do you have something?

NARDINE: I don’t have a question, but I do have an acknowledgment. Two things you’ve said, Rose, that have resonated deeply, which I’m going to enjoy playing with. One is “flesh out your emotions.” That rings (Lightly, brightly and humorously) all the way through to the core of me, because we know I’m such an emotional being. And to fill my body, fill my bubble, fill my creating, fleshing it out with the experience of my senxuality and pleasure of being, that lights me up very much. (Chuckling)

And the other thing I’ve written down: I was “imagined into being by my essence” that rings so loudly, because our imaginings are our chreative desires in thought, in process, in chreation. And to think that me – the focus I am, as essence in expression in this focus – was imagined into being by the essence of all that I am, really does empower my own imaginings in what I’m now finding, to be an even more fulfilling chreating, and enjoying liberating of the essential, intentional, heart-whispering expression of me in this life, wow! (Chuckling)

ROSE: That’s well said, dear Daisy. There are many reasons to feal better every day when it comes to your own chreations, for your allowances for yourself do allow more friends in spirit to assist you. When you healp yourself, you have ways of freeing yourself, in many ways, in spirit. By allowing your own sense of fine-tuning of self, you healp others also.

There are no boundaries to spirit, so when you have a sense of the vastness of yourself, you really undertake a geanius way of fearing the reasons that you had for becoming physical, fearing in the sense that you only needed to fear not doing your intentionality. So you’re gaining a great many – sometimes fathomless – set of experiences in your understanding. These are fine-tuning in ways that spirit is effectively proud of in you, for we did imagine you exactly the way you are, all of you!

All of you are effectively us in your imaginations, as well as in ours. So you are the imaginings of great Selves. Imagine that, indeed, tonight before you go to sleep. Imagine how you’re the very songs we wanted to sing, indeed. So do take on the world of spirit in yourselves, as well as in your focus reality, then allow your beautiful selves to thrive, indeed.

We do want to say, also, that you’re not expected to be perfect. Do take on the bullies, do take on your contrary selves, do throw your shit in every direction you want to, indeed. For your allowances of the selves that you are, in many ways, are the very reasons we are essence tonight, the reasons we are essence in your reality [always]. For you always need a guide, so do we. So do take on your very wondrous selves so as to enjoy the benefits that essence has to bring to bear on your experiences, indeed.

We’ll say adieu for the evening. We want to say, also, that you’ll do well to imagine us in spirit before you go to sleep, and allow your beautiful selves to penetrate the world in ways you don’t yet, indeed. We’ll let your imaginations linger on that one for a while, this evening, dear ones. (Chuckles on the line)

GEORGE: Are you going to be naked, or not?

ROSE: Always, indeed.

MARY: Thank you, Rose.

GEORGE: This is the sex thing here.

NARDINE: Thank you, Rose.

ROSE: Thank you, dear ones. We’ll say goodnight now, and God bless, indeed.

GROUP: Thank you, Rose.

(Rose Departs: 7:06 PM.)

(Transcribed by Nardine Neilson, May 13, 2009.)


[1] Paul’s note: This is one of Rose’s neologisms (made-up words), a combination of tell and teach. For more info, see The Rose Glossary.

[2] Paul’s note: This is one of Rose’s neologisms (made-up words), a combination of genes and genius. For more info, see The Rose Glossary.

[3] Paul’s note: This is one of Rose’s neologisms (made-up words), a combination of sexual and sensual. For more info, see The Rose Glossary.

[4] Paul’s note: This is one of Rose’s neologisms (made-up words), a combination of feel and real. For more info, see The Rose Glossary.

[5] Paul’s note: This is one of Rose’s neologisms (made-up words), a combination of Christ and create. For more info, see The Rose Glossary.

[6] Paul’s note: For more on the contrary self, see The Beautiful Contrary Self: An Introduction.

[7] Joanne’s note: This is, according to Rose, a made-up word combining diminished value plus vitriol, which means “expressing bitterness and hatred.”

[8] Joanne’s note: Former football star O.J. Simpson had been convicted the previous October 4 of robbery and kidnapping stemming from a confrontation in a casino hotel room over sports memorabilia. The verdict came 13 years to the day after he was acquitted in the slayings of his ex-wife and a friend of hers. There was general consensus that O.J. was guilty in the murders and beat the rap – even he seemed to admit he was guilty, by penning, for example a book entitled If I Did It in which he, essentially, confessed – which made the later conviction seem appropriate, necessary, and overdue.

[9] Joanne’s note: This happened to one of Paul’s brothers.

[10] Joanne’s note: “A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors rather than from any actual profit earned.” - Wikipedia

Paul referred to the now well known case of Bernie Madoff.

[11] Joanne’s note: Rose means this “in a free sort of way that includes our best selves so as to get the satisfaction we deem necessary in the action.”

[12] Joanne’s note: This is the same theme that was explored in the previous group Session 299 in which Steve elaborately questioned Rose about wants vs. desires, and how she framed the discussion in terms of simply being happy.

[13] Joanne’s note: Maybe someone else remembers this better than I, but I’m guessing someone asked about the early days of when Mary channeled Elias and she/he smoked a pipe that Vicki presented him as a Christmas present in 1995. He smoked it several times, but discontinued because Mary hates it. She didn’t realize that he was doing it at first, but noticed that when she came out of trance, her lips were numb. I’ve always thought that was so funny. There was never any mention of cigar smoking. I’m glad Rose doesn’t want to go there, it’s nasty!

[14] Joanne’s note: There were cookies on a plate next to me.

[15] Paul’s note: This is one of Rose’s neologisms (made-up words), a combination of help and heal. For more info, see The Rose Glossary.

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