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Rose is a non-physically focused energy personality essence, what may be considered spirit, soul, or source. She is a teacher whose intent is to help us communicate directly with our own essence, or greater Self.Read More

Favorite Podcasts

What is Divine? [14:50]
Superpowers [7:58]
Love YourSelf into the Next Phase [30:37]
More on the Nature of Rose [20:35]
The Nature of Fear & Suffering [22:02]
What is Consciousness? [11:37]
Ascending & Descending
Exposing YourSelf [46:33]
Inductive Selves [42.44]
Play’n’Pray [52:43]
Rose Goes to Delaware: An Introduction [1:38:50]

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Core Practices

Treantea (Access Alternatives)
Sonter (Breathe in Essence)

What’s new?

itsaboutyou“In 2008 …. Rose revealed my purpose to me; I was not to focus solely on healing others on a one-to-one basis, but to concentrate on artfully teaching others…. Since learning of and fully engaging with my own purpose, I have attained, both in my personal and work life, new heights in clarity of communication and empathic understanding.” ~ C.W.E. Johnson, author, It’s About You! Know Your Self

At last…It’s About You! Know Your Self is available! This is the first book in a trilogy by Chris Johnson that aims to awaken you to your intent and purpose for this lifetime, so that you can gain the deepest fulfillment from life. More info and to order.

Do mermaids exist?

mermaid“You don’t really need evolution to explain mermaids… scientifically speaking, you have created potentials for dreaming them into being through your observations about things. In this case, mermaids are compatible with your definition of evolution; therefore, you create them as we speak.” Download 1-page PDF.

“From Negative Emotions
to Enlightenment in
5 Easy Steps”

emo-enlight5steps“There are five simple steps you can take to move from the depths of negative emotions into enlightenment, for it is enlightenment – the fealings of joy, bliss, as well as love in each moment – that is going to help you. Not anything less will do.” Download 1-page PDF.

Now booking sessions!

Rose sessions are now being provided to a limited number of clients. For more information, see Sessions.

Books and course in process

JoRose is writing and designing the upcoming class, Develop Your Spiritual Superpowers, scheduled for Fall 2014. Prerequisite studies are needed to enroll. For more information, visit NewWorldView > Online Courses.

The Rose Phenomenon to Date

rose_square_178Since the Rose phenomenon began in April 2007, there have been over five hundred sessions, many of them published here. This site provides over a thousand pages of teachings, over two hundred quotes, and dozens of practices and podcasts for your explorations. This site has been designed to make the practices and podcasts more accessible, so that individuals can discover — and rediscover — the basics and the benefits of Rose’s teachings.

What are people saying about Rose?

Spitzer Rosette NebulaI’ve read and studied quite a bit of channeled material from Alice Bailey, Edgar Cayce, Patience Worth, Course of Miracles, Seth and Elias. What I experienced Saturday was in continuity with these but also offering something unique and distinct. I think it’s very important work you are doing and information you are offering.”

“…I am enjoying the ‘direct’ style of Rose…”

“…incredibly powerful and resonating at a most profound level, yet within easy reach at the same time.”

“What a wonderful inspiring reading. …I love what you are doing and definitely love Rose’s energy and her contradictions. Contradictions have been highlighted in my life and it has helped me relax and allow for the expansion needed to be flexible. Thank you so much for sharing this!!”

“Wow, Rose! What a gorgeous, inspiring bunch of ideas. Much love and thanks!”

“I like the new words… sontering, treantea, senxuality… the way they encapsulate the idea in a word, a new word, easier somehow…. Just wanted to say thanks, I appreciate it, it is helpful, and feels ‘good’ (for want of a ‘better’ word… and looking forward to more.”

“I just LOVE Rose!!”

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